How Firm a Foundation….

So, hello there!  I’m back and don’t want to bore anyone with the minutiae details of our home building….but I have do have some news.  We have a complete foundation and framing has begun…progress! Everything is moving slower than anticipated (beach mode…) but we’re getting there.  I’m kind of beside myself with excitement; it is getting real!


Finally breaking ground!





Working around our beautiful live oaks…I love these trees.


Shooting the lot and squaring off the future front porch…30 extra truckloads of dirt later…boo $$$


Pouring footers…


Foundation going in…

So…here are a few shots of our lot now….with brick on the exterior of our foundation, plumbing drain lines and water lines placed, and the ditches for re-inforced concrete (that support our roof trusses…kind of a big deal…)…and freshly poured concrete…all ready for framing.

IMG_6582       IMG_6649

IMG_6313 IMG_6444

We chose to build on a raised slab foundation over a sealed crawl space.  The Hubs and I discussed and researched our foundation at length both on our own and with our builder.  Sparing all the boring details (email me if you have inquiries)…it simply made the most sense for us considering our home layout, lot/elevation, conditions of coastal living (humidity, water, drainage and critters) and the fact that we never plan to add on or remodel.  Our biggest concern with the raised slab would be the hardness under our hardwood floors.  Well, we’re putting in a flooring sleeper system that’s similar to a subfloor you’d see in a traditional crawl space; that helps offset the ‘hardness factor’.  We’ll lay hardwood floors in the entire house (reclaimed, I hope….but budget may force a change on that…dang budget!) and we wanted to nail them versus glue down. I’m all about authenticity and want this house to have a soul….even if it’s brand new. I’m pretty picky like that…


Ready for framing

Believe me, there are some serious debates about raised slab versus crawl space (with conditioned air).  It’s kind of like politics….people are cray cray passionate about their foundations!  But here in coastal NC, building on a raised slab was the best choice for us, so there you have it.  Here are a few links that were helpful in our research (in case you were wondering)…

Thanks for following along with the latest home building news. Here’s to good weather and successful framing!




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