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How Firm a Foundation….

So, hello there!  I’m back and don’t want to bore anyone with the minutiae details of our home building….but I have do have some news.  We have a complete foundation and framing has begun…progress! Everything is moving slower than anticipated (beach mode…) but we’re getting there.  I’m kind of beside myself with excitement; it is getting real! Continue reading

The year of 1,001 decisions…

It’s been 9 months since we bought our lot (May ’15)…more time than I originally thought planning a home would take.  But after multiple brainstorming sessions with the Hubs, hours spent researching local/coastal architecture as well as late-night internet exploring (thank you very much, Houzz and Pinterest!) and gobs of revisions with the architect … we’re almost ready to break ground. Its getting real all up in here!  Contract with builder is signed, trees have been taken down (but we’re keeping….swoon) and plans approved by a rather picky HOA…we are READY!   Yep, we’re moving forward and thrilled to pieces.

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Just do it already…for real

I keep putting this off…this blogging bit.  Wonder why?  Because I’m a scaredy cat, that’s why. My head is saying: “What if no one reads this but my Mom? Crap, what if she hates my blog?!?” I’m putting myself out there….but where the heck is ‘there’?!?! “I’ll just do a little more research first” and another month goes by…that’s the gist.

See, I want everything to be perfect…so it looks like I know what I’m doing. And I keep making excuses. Holding myself to unrealistically high expectations. Waiting for just the “right” time…Maybe if I could learn this my MacBook better (I’m kind of challenged in the technology department). Or organize and edit all my photos first (yeah right). Or get a better grip on my WordPress site (whatever…I swear it’s alien language).  I’ll just shift a few more things around on my desk, longingly admire a couple more designer’s portfolios… You catch the drift. Well, there is never a perfect time.

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Fresh starts for a new year…

Happy New Year!  2015 was a year of big changes and hard decisions for our family as we traded our busy life in Raleigh for the slower pace of coastal NC. This pretty little spot is where we will break ground (this month…eeek!) and start building our new home along the Bogue Sound.  Lots more to come, hope you follow along!IMG_5148IMG_5557